Press Release April ’22

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Paul Valentine

Paul Valentine growth has been consistently strong but much of it comes from first-time buyers. And even happy first-time buyers can be one-time buyers until the right connection is made. So, PV wanted to create personalised experiences with messaging that would be included in the package and impossible to miss. Discovery how Penny Black made […]

Personalisation – Getting it right

With a 100% open rate guaranteed, your customers’ ecommerce package, can be turned into a smart new marketing channel to automate customer retention or deliver a personalised customer experience. Why make the effort? Drive revenue growth up to 30% Improve click-through rates by 14% Improve conversions by 10% 62% of consumers are more likely to […]

White Paper

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Nike gets personal

How the biggest brand on planet fashion futureproofed itself with a balance of scale and personalisation… Founded in Oregon, USA in 1964 as Blue Riband Sports (the name Nike wasn’t registered until 1971), by 2021 the brand was worth an incredible 83.71 billion dollars and today sits at no. 17 in the big list of […]