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Penny Black is the newest and highest-performing retention channel boasting an in-year ROI 4x - 6x

By partnering with Penny Black you’ll elevate your clients’ unboxing moments with personalised flyers, resulting in more conversions, long-term customer loyalty and a higher LTV

What you get from the Partnership

Increased Retainers

Add flyer design, Campaign management and omnichannel campaign building to your retainer fees

New Business

We’ll refer new business to you for design and Campaign support

Client Success

Improve your clients’ customer experience, brand identity and marketing performance


Become experts in retention, personalisation and the post-purchase experience by mastering this new channel

Support, Training & Advice

We’ll set you up, onboard and train your team

Proven Results

With conversion rates of 15-20% and a financial return of £2.20 per insert, help your clients secure long-term sustainable revenue

The Benefits

Our CEO, Douglas Franklin, spoke more about the benefits of partnering during his fireside interview with Blend Commerce

Play Video about Doug Franklin discussing ecommerce with Blend Commerce
Play Video about Doug Franklin discussing ecommerce with Blend Commerce

Working Together

A table showing how Penny Black works with ecommerce agencies and fulfilment
Software Setup Hardware Setup Testing
Platform onboarding Campaign ideation &
set up
Procurement of consumerables Printer set up
& printing
--- Campaign Goes Live --- Reporting & optimisation
Penny Black Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brand / Agency Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Fulfilment centre No No No No Yes No

We integrate With

Shopify Plus
Google Analytics

And More

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