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Ecommerce brands are focused on personalisation. But there's been one area they've never been able to personalise before: The unboxing moment

Become one of the first fulfilment centres to allow brands to add personalised inserts to their customers’ orders during the pick-and-pack process – all without impacting your existing processes

BY partnering with penny black, you get

Service differentiator

Win new business and upsell to existing customers by giving personalisation services your competitors can’t

Higher CLTV

Become an irreplaceable fulfilment solution that’s integrated into your clients’ Martech stacks

Mutual Growth

Penny Black increases repeat purchases, helping your clients grow: that means more orders that need fulfilling

We Deliver


Personalised inserts are printed in as little as seven seconds, adding zero disruption to your fulfilment processes


Printers have a 99% uptime, even during peak. We’re also backed by AFGA, who have 100+ years of experience in print innovation


We have a dedicated Ops Team committed to solving issues within 24 hours


All consumables we source are FCS Certified, eco-label awarded and kind to the planet. We also provide a cartridge recycling scheme


How It Works
  1. Install

    We install our printers and satellites on as many packing benches you need

  2. Integrate

    Using simple API keys we integrate into your WMS allowing us to send print-ready inserts to the printer in real-time

  3. Trigger

    Packer logs the current order in your existing WMS

  4. Print

    Personalised insert is printed on-demand

  5. Pack

    The packer adds the insert to the top of the order, ready to be shipped

We've achieved a 4.5 Star Rating from 3pls including

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