With a 100% open rate guaranteed, your customers' ecommerce package, can be turned into a smart new marketing channel to automate customer retention or deliver a personalised customer experience.

Why make the effort?

Drive revenue growth up to


Improve click-through rates by


Improve conversions by



of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that offers a personalised experience.


of customers say they’re more likely to recommend a business that delivers a personalised experience

How to be successful?

Successful personalisation at scale requires four elements to work together effectively:

What do customers want?

Make it easy for me to navigate in-store and online
Give me relevant service/product recommendations
Tailor messaging to my needs
Offer me targeted promotions
Celebrate my milestones
Send me timely communication tied to key moments
Follow up post purchase
Personally address communications to me
Send triggers based on my behaviour
Engage and onboard me when I buy for the first time
Show up I my frequently visited website/apps

Who’s doing it right?

Cosmetics company Sephora saw a 24% increase in sales after rolling out a new personalisation feature on its website.


increase in sales

M&S recently experimented with their homepage by adding automated personalisation on two big trade tiles from a selection of over 20 options. As a result M&S saw click-through rates go up by 18% compared to the previous static content.

click-through rates up by 


Paul Valentine (PV) is a young, luxury watch and jewellery brand with a strong sustainability and community ethos selling its effortless, sophisticated pieces all over the world.

Our brief was to create personalised experiences with messaging that would be included in the package and impossible to miss. And to track customer engagement, improve customer retention, and cross sell.

We worked with PV to create two campaigns. The first was a simple discount code for new customers. The second, an advent calendar campaign. Both were printed on high quality, recycled card flyers, and trackable via QR codes and Google Analytics.

conversions increase


Personalisation is central to the Penny Black Marketing Platform

All you need is a package, a personalised message, a recipient, and our smart technology.

Incubated in Agfa’s legendary innovation lab our technology combines software expertise with late-stage dynamic (photonic) printing to apply fully personalised messages direct onto packaging as well as inside the box – and onto flyers – in real time, with zero delay to the time-sensitive packing process.  

With a 100% open rate guaranteed, your customers ecommerce package, can be turned into a smart new marketing channel to automate customer retention or deliver a personalised customer experience.  

With this kind of personalisation, even the simplest things – greetings or best wishes by name, some stats and figures, tips, and tricks – QR codes with personalised offers and cross-selling – create meaningful ways to establish strong customer relationships that build loyal brand advocates.

This is pioneering new technology and we are very excited about the results. If you would like to find out more or take part in our pilot scheme click on the button.

(Stats on the benefits of personalisation, according to a study by eMarketer) 
(McKinsey study: Asked 60 shoppers to create mobile diaries of their personalized interactions with various brands over two weeks. With over 2,000 entries in total, we were able to see what kind of personalized communication works for customers and what doesn’t).